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Singing Programs VS Other Singing Programs

JoshBJoshB Pro Posts: 100
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Hello everyone! I find this topic very interesting and I was just wondering if you guys feel the same way from what you have learned in KTVA the same way I do.

When I see other people sing, I can see the kinds of things they have learned and what there teacher has thought them just from what Ken has showed me.
My sister is in university for classical piano and when she was off for one of her reading weeks a couple of her friends came over.
One of her friends were taking vocals from the same university and we got her to sing for us. From what Ken has showed me, I could hear the technique through her voice, the lack of cord closure, etc. Its not just one person though. I can hear the difference between singers who use bad technique and those who use good technique.

This course really is unique and has EVERYTHING you need to sing better then anyone else.

Let me know what you guys think.


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    highmtnhighmtn Administrator, Moderator, Enrolled, Pro, 3.0 Streaming Posts: 15,359
    You bring up some interesting topics about being able to identify poor technique, now that you've learned what good technique is supposed to sound like.

    That said, Ken wants the focus here to be about his program, so we don't go off into comparisons of this program or that. We stay on point with what it is we are supposed to be doing.

    I've taken a number of courses, and none of them covered the basics like KTVA does. KTVA lays down a foundation that really allows you to build your voice. Then, after you get the basics, KTVA keeps on raising the bar and taking you into more advanced techniques that again, no other course can touch.

    But we'll stay focused on KTVA. That's what we're here to learn. The rest is a distraction and can cause confusion if mistaken for correct technique.

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    JoshBJoshB Pro Posts: 100
    Oh yeah man! I totally agree! Thats what Im saying, KTVA IS THE WAY! hahaha

    I'm not putting this course down in any way at all!

    KTVA all the way! :smiley:
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