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Started these lessons Jan of this year and have made definite positive improvements. Had a setback in April due to allergies (or possibly rhinitis with early pregnancy) and feel like I could not quite get back to where I was prior. I almost feel like my head voice was being cut down doing the lessons daily. I'd notice it at gigs, my voice would crack. So I feel frustrated. I thought the voice would continue to improve but I don't feel that way. So I've gotten out of the habit of working the lessons daily. backing off the lessons seemed to help my head voice. But I'm afraid of losing everything I gained. Am I doing something wrong? I was working on lessons 2 & 3 quiet enough to mend the break (which is gone). I still want to continue to improve. I'm also 4 months pregnant with number 2, so it's very important to me to stay in good vocal shape and continue to improve and keep vocal workouts a priority. Just need advice as I don't have anyone else that can relate. Feel like I hit a plateau. Thanks for reading my rant.


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    If you could give us a sample of what is happening with your voice, including video if possible, we could probably give you more meaningful help. If you include examples of the problems you are describing, there is more of a chance to get closer to getting you back on-track and moving along.

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