Alone - Heart

blondiewalesblondiewales Pro Posts: 483

I highly recommend this song to any KTVA male singers. I really learned a lot while learning to sing this song, ESPECIALLY about vowel modifications. It's just very difficult to get through the chorus at all without maintaining open throat even for very strong singers. Even if you need to practice to it lowered a few keys or raised a few keys (depending on your current range), it's a very good example of a song that practically dictates open throat. Arnel Pineda, Steve Perry's replacement singer, actually covers this on some video on YouTube. One of the biggest differences between Arnel and Steve is that Arnel modifies much less, and it shows in the song. It still sounds good, but all the consonants cut through his resonance like a hot knife through butter.

I almost wish I had picked this song to learn sooner, because it taught me a whole lot. I applied the things I learned in the final vocal cut, but I'm still realizing things now. I would like to go back and record it some day. Unfortunately, as my professional obligations increase, my time for side projects like this is lessened for the moment. The aesthetics of the song are alright, but really, I highly recommend this song for learning.

(I don't play any guitar on this track, it's just funny to me when people hold instruments in videos but never use them).
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