Hey All

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Just picked up the how to singe better than anyone else course, wanted to drop by the forums and say Hi, my names Brandan. Looking forward to learning, and talking with everyone on here.

A little about myself - Ive been playing music since I was about five, however, I never had any official vocal coaching/training, and because I spent most of my time playing guitar and not singing, it wasnt too big of a deal. Fast forward to now, Im in a cover band that does country and rock and while it isnt bad to do country vocals (Not really singing very high) Im not a big fan of my tone, and find my endurance and overall vocal quality is lacking right now, so I am looking forward to seeing how this helps me, I am also looking forward to re-recording some of my demo songs down the road and compare the two to see how much I have improved.

Anyways look forward to chatting!

Cheers :)


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