Hey There! I'm Anissa and glad to have found this site! :)

A little about myself - I've always loved music, but haven't always felt free to express myself. A friend overheard me sing and talked me into joining chorus in middle school. I continued singing in high school and also minored in voice in college. I have to add that in college I borrowed a friend's Shout cassette with Ken Tamplin - "In Your Face" - and I think I kept it just about the whole year! Anyway, I was more into metal and hard rock like Stryper and Iron Maiden, and learned a lot in my lessons to help with my voice. I haven't really done anything lately to try and strengthen or work on my vocals, and I'd really like to work on my range and having more of that "rock" sound if it's possible. I have even written some songs, but it's really scary for me to even think of sharing them. Anyway, I wanted to submit just a sample of my voice and hopefully get some feedback. If I don't have a video, is there a way to send in an audio demo? Thanks!

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    Hi, Anissa!

    You can post audio samples on soundcloud and then post a link to your soundcloud file here in a posting. OR you can put it into a video on YouTube and just have a photo or a scene instead of actual video, and post the URL to your "video" here in a posting.



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