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Brian Wilson/Carl Wilson Techniques

So I've REALLY gotten into the Beach Boys this past year starting with the groundbreaking Pet Sounds album. Brian Wilson has a really unique style/ technique that seems to implements really high soaring falsetto with seamless mixed voice textures like here.




Carl Wilson is another vastly underrated singer from the Beach Boys that sort of took lead in the late 60s early 70s. He seemed to have a uncannily similar tone and approach to Brian (I know they're brothers, but still lol) that can mix seamlessly with Brians but with a more developed chest voice and blue-eyed soul feel.


I don't know how Carl managed to have such a light tone for "I Can hear Music" when he was in his chest voice like in "This is the Way" type phrases. Is it the narrowed vowels he did?



The question is, if I wanted to sing in the style of the Wilson brothers, should I focus on developing my chest voice/heady mix for KTVA?
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