Hello everyone!

My name is Ryan, and I found the KTVA when I was searching the interwebs for direction on singing. Bought the "How to Sing Better than Anyone Else" plus pro-packs. I have played musical instruments throughout the years, most recently bass and drums for our worship band at church. My goal is to sing to the absolute best of my ability while playing the guitar for worship songs (teaching myself the guitar as well). Even if it is only in my own home or maybe with a group of friends, however if the Lord ever draws me to lead worship in my church, I would like to be able to do well and do it with all my heart and soul without restraint, fear or hesitation. Current challenges to sing are pretty much everything: pitch control, range, tension and tightness in the throat, clearing my throat, and poor voice quality. I have never had any sort of vocal training.

Ninety percent of the music I listen to is modern worship music such as Hillsong (all iterations of the band), Vertical Church, Elevation Worship, Jesus Culture. Other than that my main vocal styles that I like would be mainly rock. Some examples: Scott Weiland, Chris Cornell, Thom York, Ken Andrews (Failure), Chris Robinson, Dan Auerbach, David Gilmore. Even though worship singing tends to be pretty stylistically "neutral", I would like to be able belt it out with my own vocal flavor when deeper expression strikes me. I would also like to be able to sing harmony as well.

I can probably practice 20 minutes most days. Maybe a little 30-40 minutes on the weekends. I know that's not much but it's what I can do for now. Eventually I will want to start incorporating the guitar, but I understand the importance of getting rock solid on the fundamentals. I look forward to getting to know the people in this community and wish you all the best in your own pursuit of developing the best singing voice possible.



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    Hi, Ryan,

    And welcome to the forums. Give yourself plenty of time, because you will only be doing small snippets each time you practice, and part of that will be going, "oh, yeah, now where was I?"

    But you have the tools in your KTVA program, and if you will use them and practice and study as much as you can, you will eventually see good results.

    Just give it your best, and you will get back in proportion to what effort you put forward!

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