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Why can't I do head voice

Hello! I've got a question for you! My tessitura is from Bb2 to C#5, my chest voice is from Bb2 to C4; mixed voice is from C#4 to C5. If I push more, I'll sound break a little bit then it ends. My voice continues to go up to C7 with Whistle Register but from C#5 to B5, I can still feel my throat vibrating, I don't understand why? Was I still in mixed- voice from C#5- B5? I thought it supposed to be head voice in that range? Don't I have head voice? And if I push my voice into the 6th octave, my throat stops vibrating and I enter the Whistle Registration. Could you explain it why I can't do head voice? I really appreciated your time! Thank you!

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  • huberthubert Pro Posts: 125
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    The sound is produced when the air is moving through the glottis (regular closing and opening of the vocal folds) in the larynx indeed and the space in the throat (around the vocal folds) is the first resonant space in the vocal tract so that's why our throats are vibrating when we are speaking or singing. The vibrations while singing in whistle register are so tiny and fast that you may not feel them at all (whistle notes lacks lower and middle frequencies which are responsible for perceived resonance in the throat) but they're there. If there's not any vibration in the throat there's no sound. Vibration in the throat is good, feeling of singing "from the throat" is not (squeezing, pinching the sound).


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