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Are You Recording Your Music?

menofsticksmenofsticks Pro, 2.0 PRO Posts: 2
I bought the KTVA ProPack a few months back, and with daily practice my voice has come a long way.

But besides being a musician, I’m also a mix engineer and I’m currently looking for new recording artists of any genre to expand my mix portfolio. If you’re recording your own music, I’m offering a free mix of one of your songs. You get a free mix of your multitrack project and I get a new song for my portfolio. If this sounds like a good opportunity, check out my mix portfolio (http://menofsticks.com/mix-portfolio/) and then either shoot me a message here on the KTVA forum or send me an email ([email protected]) so we can discuss your next recording project.

Feel free to check out the original music on my website, but be warned that all the vocals were recorded before starting Ken’s vocal course. Future recorded performances should be a big improvement :)

Talk to you soon!

Brian Gilgan

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