Hi Dudes & Divas! Ever since I listened to Nirvana & Marilyn Manson....

Whats up everyone!! Brand new newbie here. throughout my 18 yrs of life the past 17 people have told me you are either gifted with a good voice or you stink and I somehow believed that... However ever since I started listening to so of my most favorite artists, I wanted to start learning guitar (self teaching since 9 months ago) so I did. Finally I was watching Kurt Cobain one day play "Im on a plain" live and I almost became star gazed at how he was a lead guitarist & singer, this combined with the fact the I started listening to Manson. His screaming voice and deep, insightful lyrics spoke a lot to me and felt like Magic to my ears. I started to sing, but I constantly got throat tension , but i still loved doing it. I eventually got a singing coach, but i am poor and he was okay, I saw Kens program and it looked really exciting so I purchased it and here I am. I look forward to becoming an awesome singer and meeting you all! cheers!


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