Brighter vs lighter

So I got a question concerning singing brighter vs lighter.

For me its either I sing it bright or lighter.

Here is two clips. The first one is more support and cord closure and the second one is less support and what I call "lighter"

So what i'm wondering is, can you somehow use both and sound more interesting? Right now i'm not sure what i'm supposed to do. Do you use it for style?

Anyone got anything to add?


  • streeterstreeter Pro Posts: 679
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    You can absolutely switch between the two, especially when working on style. The hardest aspect for me when working on a lighter/breathy tone is to remember to stay expanded and still hit the vowel pockets. It's so easy to 'collapse' when singing light, so be aware of that. I think you 'liked' a clip on Soundcloud I did of Free Fallin'. Thanks for that man. this is exactly what I was working and still am working on.
  • Yes I want that same placement when singing lighter. I dont want to sound to in my nose or "heady". Hitting vowel pockets is something I wanna work on too.

    Ye it was cool to hear the textures you got! It sounded full and supported.
  • streeterstreeter Pro Posts: 679
    I totally block my nose with my fingers when working on exercises and songs. That 'brightness' shouldn't be coming from a nasal place (unless it's a stylistic choice), it should be coming from a pinging, fizzy place on the roof of your mouth. It's tough to find and I still lose it but I'm always aiming for it.
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