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Can any one teach to sing above head voice like michael starr from steel panther or david lee roth screams. Wich sound like almost interval wistles. Every one can do tham. Bon jovi. Steven Tayler Roth. Ralf from steel panther. Mr big.
My head voice normaly goes as high as e5. Sometimes i can sing g5 in full mix voice. Never hit an a5. Can that be streached atleast to b?

Or is it a cord closure deffect for those guys?


  • I recall Ken saying that David Lee Roth has blown out his falsetto register and it sounds like he has two voices. That he can't get good cord closure anymore.
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    Ralph (Michael Starr) does them safely. You can find clips of him doing it without a mic and he does them without being loud at all, not all that much more volume than how he speaks. He does them with a full Headvoice and a little rasp.
    Not quite whistle voice. F6 is the only whistle note I have heard him hit and that's a parlour trick note, not something he does regularly. Most of his screams are F# 5-Bb 5 range.

    I think DLR is a broken voice though and the product of not being able to get full cord closure.
  • streeterstreeter Pro Posts: 679
    F6 is a mechanical thing that I have no idea how to do. That is true whistle voice. I can hit the DLR 'Jump' scream pretty much all the time at gigs but that is 'Only' a G5. It's also the note at the end of SP version of 'Don't stop believin'. F6 is in a song about going to Tokyo, if you catch my drift...
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    Ive kind of backed off the extreme range thing. For the next few months I just want to make sure I can sing all the notes I can sing in any way I want and I'm not locked into one way of doing things.
  • streeterstreeter Pro Posts: 679
    A5 is my top, top note. I can't do a four note arpeggio up to it though. I can only do it during the exercises when it's the double or triple 8ve runs.

    Ear training is great IMO. For me, it's more to do with guitar and being able to transcribe or 'hear' my way through songs even if I don't know a particular tune. I can work out where it's going on the fly using my 'inner ear'. To get to that point is a lot of training though, through gigs, Uni and just working out stuff for students in their lessons.

    I sometimes wonder, if I didn't have the ears I do, maybe crippling self doubt wouldn't overcome me every time I listen to myself back on a recording! Haha.
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    @blondiewales Bon Jovi never did real extreme stuff. He sang a lot of tunes in really hard spots though. A lot of his stuff is like holding out 7.5 kg with arms straight, directly in front of you for 5 mins. At least stuff like Bad Medicine, Livin on a Prayer, even You Give Love is like that.
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    Someone had asked about Vitas a few weeks ago in a similar post. I have some drainage issues tonight so you can hear some crap coming through the cords at times... But I finally decided to get this recorded since I just got my vocal "booth" done and also am playing around with different mics. I say "booth" since it's just pvc, heavy shipping blankets, and a little actual acoustic foam! LoL. Takes up most of the kitchen! (You can tell I'm single, it's quite the eyesore!) Can't laugh too much though it does seem to make a big difference with the room reflections which could get really nasty. This is an Electro Voice RE27N/D by the way, I used to hate it on my voice but now I'm kinda digging it. My tone has improved vastly since I started several months ago.

    No pitch shifting, no eq, just a little compression on the way in (3:1 at a threshold of -13dB) Just telling you all this so that you know there is no studio trickery going on. I did record it into a pitch editor just to see how well I matched pitch (since I don't practice these pitches) and I'm actually pretty okay with how close I got to the studio recording (which is probably heavily manipulated). The first section ramps up to a C6 with the next section to a C#6 that he hits at the end. I have hit an F6 before but that is really pushing hard. So I very rarely do that. You should be able to just play it in dropbox, if not let me know I can move it to soundcloud (after I set one up).

    https://www.dropbox.com/s/cjrpljpaea85yk3/Vitas Opera 2 Trial-10-3-16.mp3?dl=0

    edit: I forgot to add, just add a little fry to it and i think that is roughly what they are doing.
  • KokonuhtKokonuht Member, Enrolled Posts: 658
    @Jammer_550 Cool stuff man! I could hit Vitas' notes as well only when I'm fully warmed up though. Also what kind of pitch editor is it? Care to share? Would like to see how I do with accurately matching pitch!

    As for @JERRY , Bon Jovi is like what everyone else said. No whistles just some pretty hard stuff everywhere. I did Livin' on a Prayer for my recital and I had to lower the key by 3 semitones as I couldn't sustain the notes for so long in original key nor did I have enough stamina to complete it nicely.

    DLR sounds like he has nodules and his vocal cords are vibrating to look like this, thus the two pitches. He's actually singing one octave lower and the whistle happened because of the split in the vocal cord vibration cycle. This is of course my assumption based on what I hear. Though I don't think I'm wrong here haha.


    Ralph's sounds like a legit whistle and has fluid connection back to his normal singing.
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    Interesting tidbit. A guy i know used to do gigs with him back in his corporate days. Ralph tests his voice with his whistle register in the morning to predict how his gigs will go. It's his 'get out of jail Free card'. He does all his Axl/Brian Johnston/James brown or when he is struggling with his voice. He can bring it right down apparently. The way he described is was whistle voice with a gurgle. It's just a thing he can do... Easy as breathing. Same way Steven Tyler describes his screams. It's just their thing.
  • Jammer_550Jammer_550 Pro Posts: 10
    @Kokonuht you could use melodyne, autotune, waves tune, izotope nectar. I'm sure there are a ton of others out there. If used gently, they are almost undetectable, or you can really pile it on and make it robot sounding. I only use them on a finished track for that extra polish. Otherwise I think it interferes with learning to target pitches/sing licks if you start to use it too much. Nectar will not change anything until you tell it to, which is nice. Some will start correcting as soon as you scan the track in which is annoying.

    Better Version of the C#6 I was having a good night so i decided to take another stab at it. Much better. Here's what Nectar shows for pitch detection for the that mp3. Both timing and pitch could be improved but not bad for just messing around. Not sure why it always says it's an octave higher...

    I like this type of vocal olympics stuff though. Stuff like Sunnyland Slim's "Farewell Little Girl", Rob Halford, Mark Boals (like the entire "Alchemy" album), Vitas. Fun when you can pull it off; not fun when you're off lol. ;)
  • KokonuhtKokonuht Member, Enrolled Posts: 658
    Nice one! I am having a good night atm too and could just sing along with your track pretty well. Pitch on the other hand was slightly flat on some notes for me as I could hear the dissonance between our pitches but still. Feels great when you can do it HAHA.

    Thanks @Jammer_550 will check em out. I basically just wanna record and visually see where the pitches are haha.

    Will check out the other stuffs you mentioned too =) Thanks for the recommendation!
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