iron maiden powerslave song attempt

well i decided to give the song a try again after singin it terrible in march this year and see how much improvement i made in 7 months. i still don,t like the sound of it myself but i can tll the breathing improved and the tonality if i compare it to the first time i did this song . what doe you guys think what should i do to improve?


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    Hi, Marco!

    Yes, you have improved a lot. What you want to have more of is consistency. That will come from applying more support and singing more from the gut and less from the throat. Also, you should brighten the tone up more, the sound is a little bit dark and that makes everything just a little harder to do well: Pitch, high notes, clear tone...

    You are kind of sliding up to some notes and sliding down to others. It's better if you can sing the notes head-on without sliding up and down. I hear this mostly on your sustained notes. That's part of what I mean about making the phrases and lines more consistent. Also, there is a lot of variance in volume as you sing along, so in addition to the sliding up and down, the volume is louder, then softer on different words or syllables. Consistency will also include having consistent volume so that high notes are not punched out louder than low notes, and in general on a phrase or line of a song, it will sound more consistent. Try holding those sliding pitches more spot-on and solid, and really pushing down on the diaphragm any time you find the volume going up and down or needing to draw upon extra support for higher notes.

    I hear your improvement. I think you will move up another important notch in sounding more professional if you can really focus on these elements of consistency.

    Good job with your progress!

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