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Slight Throat Pinches, Should I Be Concerned?

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Hello Friends,
I have been doing KTVA for about a month and a half. Sometimes i feel a slight pinch in my throat, usually around the right side. When this pinch happens it only lasts for a few minutes. I would feel it about 2 hours after ive practiced my sining. However, this little pinch does not affect my singing. I dont feel hoarse, my throat doesn't hurt, and i can still sing if i tried. I want to know if this little pinch is just a matter of my throat muscles growing from all the vocal training or am I just having improper vocal technique. Thank You!

P.S One of my problems so far has been my volume. Sometimes i would sing to loud during my vocal warm ups. Maybe this could be causing it?


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    You should try to sing at a manageable volume, not too loud. Oversinging can wear on your cords.

    A lot of singers can tend to tense the constrictor muscles in the throat and neck when singing, to help them get to higher notes. Those muscles are not part of the vocal process at all. They are used for swallowing, but if you don't know that, you could be tensing them to "help" you reach notes, which they won't help at all for.

    You don't want to pinch or squeeze your throat when you are singing.

    Ken is teaching Open Throat singing, which means you rely upon the AH vowel, opening up as much as you can, especially when you feel the urge to pinch or squeeze. If you feel that pinching feeling, it's time to open up more. You have to get used to that, because most singers associate tension with higher notes. Higher notes do take more tension, but only on the muscles that actually stretch the cords, and overtensioning is not good.

    You may be trying to stretch too hard. Stretch your voice gently. Take your time, and avoid stretching so hard that you feel discomfort or pain. The notes will come over time, but if you push too hard or try to gain range too quickly, you will give yourself setbacks. Take it a step at a time.

    All the Best!

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    Thanks for your help as always! :)
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