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Hi Ken, I've been practicing your lessons for several months now and have heard improvement in my voice. There are times, however, when I encounter 'bad singing days' and have experienced hoarseness. After reading other posts in the forum I see that many people encounter this problem and that it is probably just a natural part of growing the voice. My concern is that my left tonsil is noticeably bigger than my right tonsil. I've seen a doctor about this and she said that it wasn't a big deal and that I just have an enlarged tonsil. My question is, does this affect my singing voice in any way, and/or make it harder for me to grow my voice? Also, have you trained anyone with an enlarged tonsil before?


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    Hi Ken ,

    I also have a question about tonsils. Mine were removed as a child and i would like to know what effect on the singing voice this might have?



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