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New Singer from Washington, USA

StationEveStationEve Pro Posts: 2
Hello World from Evelyn! I'm age 33 (born 1983) and I'm from Washington state in the northwest of USA, living on the outskirts of Seattle.

I'm so excited about this vocal singing DVD & mp3 course. I've purchased the full course "How To Sing Better Than Anyone Else" – PLUS Pro Packs PLUS, and the Weekend Warrior. All for digital download.

I took professional singing lessons from a good teacher in Seattle, and had 5 weeks of private lessons in her home studio. To learn both classical & pop style singing. Then I found Ken Tamplin's DVD course and it has been incredibly helpful! I feel and hear the improvements everyday. My goal is to learn 4 styles: classical, pop, R&B, and rock (80-90s metal). In the near future I'd love to remix my own acapellas with EDM music too.

My voice is a bit different than some. I'm transgender male-to-female (no surgery) and have been on HRT (hormone replacement therapy) since March 1, 2016. The entire process takes 2 years minimum to complete. For some other Transgenders it takes longer. As of posting this introduction I've been on hormones for approx 7 months now.

In the year 2015 I very successfully trained to speak with a female voice, it took me 10 months. Now in 2016 I have been speaking with a female voice daily since March 2016.
People's lives depend on my voice, literally, because I'm both a medical security officer and a video game designer too. I train all the new medical officers. And every week my voice must be heard throughout 4 campus buildings (3 floors each) including restrooms, business conference rooms, and the outside parking lot. I have to make emergency phone calls to the 911 and the local fire department every month, too. I have saved multiple peoples lives already because my voice is clear and I can speak daily in my feminine voice over the radio
& phone.

However, I also still have my male voice too. Because I'm a video game designer, I specialize in every aspect of game development, specializing in 2 different video game engines called Renpy (2D) and Unreal Engines 3 and 4 (3D). This includes voice over work, in addition to 2D, 3D, physics simulations, music production, legal, business, code, & marketing. I can do it all, and can prove it too. Though with game production there's a lot of hush-hush in design, so if plans go through from the years 2017 - 2023 then I should be able to release 2 game titles as planned (along with my voice being heard in both game titles).

But my voice has been a challenge for me because I can speak both in male & female, but prefer to speak only in my feminine register for obvious reasons.

When I started singing with my former teacher in Seattle, and along with Ken Tamplin's DVD course ... I learned that I had to re-learn how to speak\sing again using my male voice. But since I work both my chest and head voice, I try hard everyday and put all of my heart into my singing voice.

I simply want my Voice to sing as loud as my heart sings.

So far doing 4 weeks of Ken Tamplin's course has given me amazing results! My vocal breaks between chest & head have been slowly going away. I'm still practicing Volume 1, but it makes me love singing and hearing my voice every week as I get better.

I was concerned about this course, since I'm transgender and literally have 2 voices that I can use for singing and for voice over work. But putting effort in finding my own voice everyday using Ken's techniques has truly helped me alot.

I can't wait for next year 2017. I will have much more progress with both my singing voice, in addition to my hormone transition too. I have no idea what I will look like or sound like. I becoming a new person, improving every aspect of my life each week mentally, physically,

My heart goes out to anybody going through extreme change or improvements in their lives. Never give up on yourself.


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    highmtnhighmtn Administrator, Moderator, Enrolled, Pro, 3.0 Streaming Posts: 15,359
    Hi, Eveyln and welcome to the forums.

    Literally having 2 voices is not something most students have to deal with. You should do fine if you concentrate on whatever range you want to emphasize when singing and getting the kind of tone you want to be the tone you develop.

    Simply from the aspect of wanting to expand the range, whether it be to lower notes or to higher extremes, we have the divas and the dudes exercises, and many students choose to study both or portions of both that suit their vocal ranges and where they want to go with their voice.

    We have to help a lot of divas to find their chest voice, because they have been taught to only sing in head voice. Many dudes have difficulties finding head voice. If you're able to negotiate the passaggios, then you will most likely be working mostly to get the tone that works best for you.

    If you're going to try to train in both male and female singing voices, I don't know if that's going to be as "easy" as learning to speak in two voices. You may have to train twice as much to get twice the voices.

    These exercises are certainly the best for gaining agility on any voice. If you are trying to preserve your voice, including for the sake of not losing your voice on the job, you will need to pay attention in Volume 3 when it talks about cutting back the air. You want to avoid excess volume, whether speaking, announcing, or singing.

    Looking forward to you rocking your voice!

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    StationEveStationEve Pro Posts: 2
    I have been doing Volume 1 audio exercises for 3-4 weeks now. I can feel & hear my breaks slowly going away when I sing from chest to head. I'm not sure if I should begin Vol 2 vibrato exercises yet. I feel 75% tension in my belly (diaphragm) and the rest of the tension is still in my throat when I reach higher notes, going from chest to head ... but only occasionally, not all the time. The vowel modifications are really helpful for me right now as I'm still strengthening my chest voice. My head voice is breathy, but not too much, not too flutey. As always I try to make my 20-30 min audio exercises as bright as I can, without quieting or holding back air along the breaks from chest to head.
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