Hi, Im Nestor

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Im 53 years old guy who wants to learn how to sing , I play guitar (the basics), never pro, i use to sing and play my guitar in a church chorus in Puerto Rico, when i was young... long time ago !!! I love to sing, even I dont have a good voice, but I want to learn, I hope i found the way, If is not to late... I will put my best... wish me the best guys.

BTW, I bought the course, but i haven't receive the link to download it yet.. I dont know how long takes, but I hope isn't that long
excuse my english isn't that good, I really speak spanish as my first language.


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    You should get your download links within a few hours of purchasing. Also, watch your forums status here on the forums. If you remain in "member" status, then send a copy and paste into an email to [email protected] a copy of your purchase receipt. If you bought the KTVA regular bundle or the PRO Bundle, your forums status can be upgraded to "enrolled" or "PRO" according to your purchase, and that determines what access you get here.

    You will learn a lot about how to use your voice, and yes, you will see improvement.


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    Thanks a lot, highmtm... I will copy and paste the receipt
  • highmtnhighmtn Administrator, Moderator, Enrolled, Pro Posts: 14,794
    I see you now have "Enrolled" status! You now have access to a lot more information on the forums!
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