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Re: Ken Tamplin's excellent cover of Foriegner's, 'Juke Box Hero'.

This is truly an awesome rendition of a great, great song, Ken!

Thanks for sharing. Lou is one of my all time fave singers, as you are also, btw!
I have the utmost respect for both him and your good self. You have honored Lou with this amazing performance.
Back in the day, my band - 'The Records' - had the honor and pleasure of being produced by Mutt Lange,
who as you know produced Foreigner 4, the album 'Juke Box Hero' was on.
I also got to sing harmonies alongside Mutt, live in the studios on one of our songs, which was a pretty darn cool experience.
I saw Lou live, here in LA a couple of years back, and although he's lost some of his abilities, due to his illness, he's still an icon.

Anyway, I want to thank you so much for your course, which I practice along to, religiously, on a daily basis, accordingly,
I've improved my vocal prowess beyond my wildest dreams.

Hope all is well with you an yours.

Very best regards,

John Wicks (The Records)

PS: To all you aspiring vocalists' on this forum, I just want to add - that other than owning Ken's course, and having had one half hour Skype vocal lesson with him, a few years back - this review reflects my totally unbiased, honest and heartfelt opinion.
Also, Ken spent almost 45 minutes with me during that Skype lesson, and packed more into 30 minutes than many coaches pack
in during a 1 hour session. I've gone from not being able to sing all of those difficult songs most of us know and love, to being able to sing almost anything. So, stay the course, keep the faith, and with diligent, daily practice, you will achieve amazing results.
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