Hi from Norway

Hei fra Norge;

I am vocalist/ songwriter/ producer for SIN 5, an industrial rock band based here in Oslo, Norway. Formed in 2013, we have a couple of singles on Spotify, Tidal etc. and have played various venues around the city.

I'm really looking forward to starting Ken's course, as my voice needs a lot of work, but I'm willing to put in the time to get there. I'm especially keen to learn more about the scream/ fry techniques, used by guys like Chester Bennington; a lot of vocal coaches don't go near this kind of thing, so I was impressed that Ken does. I'm just waiting for my download links to arrive and I'll be getting started right away.

I not sure how many of you vocalists here are into industrial rock/ metal styles of singing, but if you are, I'd be keen to hear how you are getting along with this course.

Nice to meet you all.



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