Hello from Brentwood, NY

I somehow found this course online, and after watching some demos decided to spring for the Pro course. I've been performing, professionally, as a musician and singer for 40 years. However, on our tour this past summer (I'm the leader of the Hitman Blues Band, we're on YouTube and other sites if you're interested) I had a problem. After straining my voice on the very first gig of the tour due to poor monitors, I never really had time to recover. This led to some real issues as the tour went on. Moving targets, as Ken calls them, were a constant anxiety. As I am the front man, if I can't sing, there's no show. Good thing my breathing has been developed over the years, without that it would have all fallen apart.

When we got home, I decided I had to find a better way. From what I'm seeing so far (I've only started this past week), and watching a number of Ken's videos listed in this forum, I think this may be it. I certainly feel hopeful about it. If I could extend my range from peaking at A above middle C to maybe a high C, that would be great. Even better, if I can get the passagio to work (which I wasn't really aware of) without noticeably changing my timbre, it would be fantastic.

Best of luck to everyone who is embarking on this adventure.

- Russ (Hitman)


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    highmtnhighmtn Administrator, Moderator, Enrolled, Pro, 3.0 Streaming Posts: 15,357
    Hi, Russ!

    You've come to the right place. Ken's program works. I'm a working musician, and it has both saved my voice and rebuilt it from the ground up. It takes time, and you will have to be patient, since you are probably steeped in other methods or self-taught. You have to replace those crazy habits with techniques that are more healthy for the voice... but the stamina, the tone, and the range will come.

    Good to have you here!

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