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New to singing and need guidance on NIRVANA

I've been playing guitar self taught for about 4 to 5 years and would consider myself close to a master. I wanted to start a band but slowly realized that i couldn't find a vocalist (at least one that fit the dream of punk and grunge) and that the only way i could get this done was to teach myself. This prove to be a lot harder than learning guitar. it hasn't been too long (maybe a week or so) and the progress i've made like finding my singing voice (since i've never sung before) was somewhat great but i've come up to quite a big bump. I've notice that when it comes to the main chorus of many rock, punk, and grunge songs that my vocals just can't seem to reach and just give out or break. Examples would be:

Smells Like Teen Spirit -NIRVANA- "With the lights out, it's less dangerous! here we are now, entertain us!"
My Hero -FOO FIGHTERS- "There goes my hero, watch him as he goes"
About A Girl -NIRVANA- "i need an (right here is when it breaks) EASY FRIEND"
Scoff -NIRVANA- "In my eyes, I'm not lazy. In my face, it's not over"

In songs like About A Girl and Smells Like Teen Spirit I can't seem to reach the high A4 (at least i think that's what it is?) and my voice either goes silent of squeals... but in Scoff and My Hero I just can't scream sing and my vocals just stop when i try. Any tips (even unrelated) are helpful. And also as a side note if my problems are covered in the course (which is most likely) I want to try on my own first to see if I even have the passion for it before investing on this course.


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    highmtnhighmtn Administrator, Moderator, Enrolled, Pro, 3.0 Streaming Posts: 15,359
    Here is the answer you don't want. You want to do a lot with your voice, and that will take training. You can hurt your voice if you don't use good, healthy vocal techniques. It's not a matter of a few tips, and then you'll have the secret. It's a matter of knowledge of a number of techniques, and training properly on them.

    Singing is kind of a lifelong journey. You'll be working on it for as long as you continue to sing.

    When you're ready to get serious about singing, we'll be here. In the mean time, be careful and be safe!

    All the Best!

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