I am Karen from the Netherlands

Hi Everyone,

Nice to meet you all. I have purchased the dvd set in April of 2016. But I only recently REALLY started.

I have had allergies all my life. Sometimes obvious with runny nose and teary eyes, but also in a silent form where it would impact my voice. I was hoarse a lot. No resilliance in my voice whatsoever.

At age 36 I finally saw the light and knew I had to find out WHY, because not singing was no longer an option. I. Love. To. Sing.
It's all I do on "good voice days" and it was pretty much all I thought about on "rainy" days :)

I found a vocal teacher, a good ent and a voice therapist.
It was not my singing technique. (yay)
It was not my speaking, although i did learn better vocal skills.
It was not a handicap on the cords or anything else

It was allergies. Turns out nature hates me. Which is weird because I am such a hippy!

I had tried the ginger tea, the nasal thing where you wash it. Adding vitamins, quitting coffee, quitting dairy. Avoiding sugar. Taking steams and showers. Had an herbalist check me out. But when I used a nose inhaler. I was able to have a stable voice for four straight weeks.

Also suffering from astma....(I know right) I had my work cut out for me, since the medication had hoarseness as a side effect, I quit 6 months ago. It was not fun....I was constantly out of breath. I know i should avoid steroids....I really wanted too. But I have been on this medication for the last 25 years. I am so happy to have the freedom of singing, that for now I am going to take the medication.

But learning more every day, maybe in the future I'll find a way.
Got an air purifier a better vaccuum cleaner, covers for my matrass.

I have had a stable voice for 3 months now!!

And have been able to do the module workout for at least 6 days a week. So pretty much every day. And I am finally getting the chance to grow it. I can feel it bounce back after a gig. I am so much more aware of every word, sound, feeling. I get goosebumps every time I start. Not because I am that good, haha, I just love using the muscles, my body that way :)

I am loving every step.
I have to pace myself to not go too fast. I still have hayfever season coming next year. But with a strong team around me I believe I can find the perfect blend :)

The community I live in has embraced me. So I am now in different singing projects. I am filling in for a female fronted metal band's sick singer. I am doing a big tribute to freddie mercury in two weeks. And around chrismas I have many acoustic gigs set up.

Last year, I learned how to play piano and guitar, in a basic way, and now I am finally writing my own music. So I have basically thrown my whole life around.

Not bad for a mom of 37 years old :)
Never ever ever think you are too old for anything, because then you are.

Looking forward to browse through the forum and read your stories.



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    highmtnhighmtn Administrator, Moderator, Enrolled, Pro, 3.0 Streaming Posts: 15,358
    Welcome, Karen, and thanks for sharing your story with us! Stick around and become a part of the community here!

    All the Best!

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