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Build your confidence by returning to where you began

Found an excellent way of building my abilities in range, stamina and most importantly confidence.

When I was doing the bulk of my singing in my early teens, it was mostly Ozzy I centred on.

I did a load of others but that was always my 'go to' band that made me feel good, and the one I knew with certainty I could impress myself and others with.
As I got older, I did near to nothing of his and embarked on all manner of things from Grunge to Prog my own stuff and all sorts...

I had been feeling somewhat downhearted with my abilities over the last while and so after many years, I decided to go back to the beginning so to speak when I did what made me feel great.

Just a massive run through of all things Ozzy and then seeing how I do on something different later.

It's been less than a week since I tried it and the improvements to my confidence are staggering, my stamina is better and I feel much less strained. I can prance around through at least half the dude's back catalogue really comfortably and I never even knew I still could!
(can't speak for the rest, not got round it all again yet)

Suddenly, when I gave it a rest and skipped to something completely different... boom! Rainbow: Stargazer, smooth as hell from the first try.
I could never, ever have imagined me doing that any time soon.

In essence, I'm playing a psych game with myself to make me feel 15 again and wow, is it working.
I thought I should say because, the lesson is this...

If you are unhappy with things you do now, find the artist you felt best doing, most natural to sing or even emulate, tribute band style if that's what you're into.

Do all the stuff you know best all over again as if then is now.
The feeling will be glorious.
The zone is back, the fire is stoked and your voice is 'alive' again
''He who say's he cannot, most likely can't. He who say's he can, most likely will'' or something like that. Was an old poster I vaguely remember from High School.

Trust me on this. I don't give a damn if your comfort zone was Slayer or Sinatra. Just try it! The results are staggering!

Kind regards,



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