Any feedback on where I can improve would be hugely appreciated :)

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Hi all,
I started the lessons about 6 months ago and have only been spending maybe 30 mins a week at them tops. But i do feel that I have come along a good bit since starting them thank to Ken. I am the singer in a group along with an Irish rapper called Willy G. He raps the verses and I sing the choruses. I do feel as though I have a lot of improving to do yet as I do not have the range or the pitching I would like to have. Any feedback I could get would be hugely appreciated. Thanks :)

Here's a link to me before the lessons:

and here is me now:



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    You've improved noticeably. If you start doing the workouts as recommended, you'll see even more progress.

    We can tell you more specifics about your voice if you put up a demo of the basic LAH scale exercise. That will reveal a lot about what you are or are not doing correctly on your basic vocal foundation.

    All the Best!

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