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My name is Lisa, I'm 37, and from Orange, Texas. I've loved to sing since I was around 12 and after 25 years, still feel that I don't have that "wow" voice, that when you hear it the first thing you think is, "Whoah! She can sing!" I have no intentions of starting a singing career anytime soon, though a demo singer would be a cool job, I just want to be able to sing in front of family and friends to impress them. I've used Brett Manning's "Singing Success and Mastering Mix" for around a year now and while my range did improve, I feel that he didn't properly instruct me on how his exercises work when it came down to actual singing. Random search on YouTube I ran into Ken's site and after a few days of deliberation decided why not and got the download with Pro bundle. Haven't physically tried the exercises yet though I have watched all of the first part's videos. Internet issues prevent me from downloading the rest of the course tonight but I will do so in the morning. So anyway, that's my life story. Oh, and my 13 year old daughter is autistic and she loves to sing. I've had her on Smule singing Eye of the Tiger, one of her faves. :-)


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    Hi, @Girll12,

    Great to have you here. I am a refugee from the programs you mentioned, plus a whole lot more. They didn't work for me at all like KTVA did. What you will find with Ken's program is the longer you do it, the better you will get. I hate to be the one who tells you this, but just forget practically everything that other program "taught" you, because, as you found out, it just doesn't cut it. You will notice a big difference when you have been doing Ken's workouts for about a month or so. And a year from now, well, like I said, the longer you do it, the better it keeps getting.

    We don't to nay nay nays here, or meow, meow, meow! We sing.


    Looking forward to you rocking your voice... Cool about your daughter loving to sing!


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    @Girll12 welcome! I nevr ever ever ever have had anyone really complement me on my singing. After doing KTVA, literally, I stop getting comments about my guitar playing and people actually complement my voice. Your gonna do great :) everything Ken tells us to do is important so make sure you do the checklist he mentions.

    Happy singing to you!
  • Thank you both for the warm welcome. Trying to figure out on the first warm ups when exactly the vowels start to turn into the aww's, ooh's and uh's. If the voice does them naturally or if I have to consciously change it cause I can't tell when I'm supposed to do it.
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    If you're relaxed enough, the vowels naturally merge into the mods as you get closer to the passaggi. Since we often are kind of "mechanical" about singing as we are learning new things, we often have to consciously do them, in order to get into the habit of allowing them to happen as they should.

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