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Hello to all my fellow singers/musicians. I am brand new here, and just got the HTSBTAE course. I just went through every video as an overview to see what the course contains and what the most important main points are. I came here very discouraged, because I took another course that did absolutely ZERO to help me. Yes, I DID put in all the hard work required to become a good singer, hours upon hours of practice and some live open mic performances. So I figured it wasn't the course that didn't work- it was me... I can't sing no matter how hard I try.

Then I saw Ken on Youtube (by sheer accident), and I noticed right away that he was teaching and stressing techniques the other teacher I just had SAID NOT TO DO. I thought to myself, “was it the teacher who contributed to me not making progress... is there still a small chance I COULD reach my goals and that hard work WILL pay off??” In a way I don't want that hope, because if this doesn't work for me, then nothing will and the truth will hit me hard. But at least I'll know if I can get my voice to where it improves, or if I am just not made to sing and have to accept that as reality and move on.

I am a musician, writer and vocalist (although I am not very good at it right now) as well and play lead guitar at a very high level. When I am in a band, it is always a power trio format, with me as the frontman/guitarist/singer. I need to be a lot better, in my opinion, as a singer. I never have a problem putting in the work- if it shows results. I am a sceptic when it comes to any online type music teachings, many are just money making machines that could care less if you get results. Ken is a Christian man who has morals and convictions, so THAT is the reason I am taking the chance to put my hope in his honesty, experience, skill and teaching. I WILL do the hard work, and for some reason I know I will improve more than I think I am able to.

Thanks for reading my ramble. It's nice to be here with you all. By the way, I will humbly say I am probable the LEAST of you guys as far as talent. But sometimes humility leads to really good things. That is my hope as I start the actual lessons tonight. I hope all of you reach your goals, not just as singers, but in life as well.



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    Welcome! Have no fear; I have been using KTVA for a year and a half, it really does work. Yu sound really hard working, watch the videos, take your time, you'll see results. Awesome about your band. I am also a guitar player and writer. Best of luck to you.
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    I bought several of the most promoted other vocal courses, and put years of work into practicing them, as well, and they didn't work for me. I knew when I started practicing Ken's exercises and doing the instructions the way he tells you to do the methods, that things were going to be different this time. It's crazy how many scams there are out there on the internet, taking money from people, and delivering nothing.

    I'm a working musician, and always was relegated to background vocals, that weren't very good. Now I sing lead in a trio, and backup when it's someone else's turn to sing lead, and what a difference a few years has made! I used to be embarrassed at the sound of my voice. Now strangers tell me I have a wonderful voice, and quite frequently.

    Your work ethic will help you to accomplish a lot.

    Follow Ken's instructions. He knows what he's talking about and he proves it with his voice.

    You've come to the right place.


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