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Fix my pitch?

While doing the vocal exercises on volume 1, my dad told me I was off pitch. I was wearing headphones and told him he couldn't tell which pitch I was in as only I could hear it. He's been singing for over 40 years and his voice isn't that great either which makes me irritated when he critiques me. However, because of the headphones ( they cover my ears completely, not earbuds) I've noticed I have to somewhat pull the headphones off just a bit so I can hear myself. Does Ken teach pitch or is it learned as you go along? I've played piano and guitar so I'm well aware where pitch is. Thank you.


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    highmtnhighmtn Administrator, Moderator, Enrolled, Pro, 3.0 Streaming Posts: 15,359
    If you get the KTVA Bundle, part of Volume One is a program called Basic Pitch, which has some video lessons with exercises to help you improve your pitch.

    When you have headphones or earbuds on, it can be hard to tell if you are singing on-pitch, because your voice isn't going into the headphones, so you could be singing a little bit off from the playback in the phones.

    People often sound off-pitch when singing along to their mp3 players, because the music is loud and their voice isn't part of the mix they are listening to.

    If you have some speakers you can play the exercises on, and hear your own voice alongside the speakers, you probably can get closer to the correct pitch, because you'll be able to compare the sound of the playback better with the sound of your voice in the room.

    Remarks like that can have an effect that kind of intimidates you, if you let it. Try it sometime when everybody else in the house has left or you have a little privacy somehow.

    See if it makes a difference.
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    I love your fast responses and welcome them. As a substitute teacher, I have more days off with the house to myself to practice and louder volumes without any fear of being heard and judged. I have also discovered how to take the downloads from my Macbook Air and putting them onto my iPhone so I can take them outside to practice away from the house where my exercises are muffled to anyone listening. I've also sang into a pillow, though it made it a bit tricky to breathe as Ken's exercises are a bit on the rapid side. I have another quickie for you which I'll start another post on. Thanks!
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