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Hello, everyone! I'm Timi, an 18-year old guy who finally succeeded at buying Ken Tamplin's program. Ken probably recognizes me, the user Goodguitarsolos on Youtube (that guy with rants and various vocal videos and compilations), the guy who often comments his videos.

I'm hoping to learn radically when it comes to the technical department of singing. Anyway, that's enough of rambling, for now! I'm really hoping that this community turns out to be as awesome as I'm expecting it to be. So far, all the posts found on the forum I've read have been pretty awesome.

Voice type: High baritone
Vocal influences: SO MANY of them, but my biggest influences include Michael Bolton, Mike Patton, Graham Bonnet, Chris Cornell, Richie Sambora, Freddie Mercury, Layne Staley and Paul Stanley...

Here's a clip of me singing "I Started a Joke", with Mike Patton's vocal phrasing.


Honesty is appreciated, I'm really willing to learn as much as I can!

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  • timitzitimitzi Enrolled Posts: 14
    Sorry for accidentally marking this as a question...
  • timitzitimitzi Enrolled Posts: 14
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    Hi timitzi,

    You know the thing I like about your demo is the truth in your performance; you sang that song as if you meant it. Being able to get the emotional content of a song across to an audience is key, and it looks like you have got a head start in that department for sure. 

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    Thanks a lot, I really appreciate that comment, Guevara!
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    Hi Timiiii!

    Kuulostaa pirun hyvältä pohjalta lähtee parantaa mitä kuuntelin noita sun youtuben covereita myös. Pistän seurantaan sun Tuubin ja progression täällä. Kiva nähdä muitakin suomalaisii jotka tajuu et miten oikein opetellaan hoilaan :)

    Translation: (because here's few english natives also on this forum:)
    Sound freaking good base to start improve singing as I listened your covers from youtube. Gonna follow your YT-channel and progression here also. Nice to see other finns too whom understand how to properly learn to sing.

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    Mukava nähdä muitakin suomalaisia paikalla!

    (English from now on!)

    Thanks for the comment, I love seeing other Finns on the board too! (I only knew one Finn who worked with this method before you, Olli, was it? He was featured on Ken's video, too) Anyway, thanks for the following, I'll do the same to you, to hear your progress.
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