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Here's my review of a one on one session with Ken

I did a lesson with Ken almost 2 weeks ago now, and let me tell you, it was focused, concise and very well done. It revealed so much in terms of where I am as a singer. I definitely need a lot of practice and work. It was encouraging but also a little disappointing.

Why disappointing? Because I want to be able to sing better so badly, I have a few songs I've written on guitar that I'd love to share with family, friends and the world, but I want to command them, and it's just not there. So I'm going to put in the time, the time I should have put in from the beginning. I've begun to practice regularly and it's been great/challenging. I struggle with pitch, so I'm trying to figure out how to fit in the regular vocal workout with the pitch exercises Ken has for us. There's no need to hope for a miracle, I'm going to have to work for improvement :)

But that's a little of an aside. Ken packed so much into 1 hour and it was all very relevant and helpful. He didn't waist any time at all and made sure to get his point across clearly. I have 3 more sessions available but I think I'll be spending a month or so on Volume 1 to get myself in a better place before I do another one on one session. I would certainly recommend doing a one on one lesson with him if you need some precise guidance!


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