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I'm a 25 year old guy from Sweden. I first picked up a guitar when I was about 16 and started singing and playing a bit but haven't practiced seriously until about a year ago. These last six months I've become more and more interested in singing and found myself much more inclined to practice that rather than guitar. Five weeks ago I bought the KTVA-bundle and have been practicing diligently with it every day since then. I've just started on Stage 2 and I think it's going really well. I've already learnt so much new things about my voice and seen a lot of improvement. Hopefully I will post a sample later on for you to judge.

That's all for now. :)



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    Do you know what kind of a voice you have? Baritone? Tenor?
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    Also, welcome!
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    Thanks timitzi. :)

    I think I'm a standard tenor. I don't have any bass register whatsoever, the lowest comfortable note I can sing is like a D3 and the absolute lowest I can go is Bb2, but I don't think I've got that more feminine timbre as some high tenors do. So yeah, probably standard tenor.

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    I think you could make it stronger via practicing. But yes, that definitely sounds very tenorish...
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    Hello, and welcome to the KTVA forum!!

    It's good to hear that you are on such a roll with your studies.  I would encourage you to take your time progressing through the material. 

    Some folks do like to go through quickly, because they want to see what is coming, but the workouts really take a long time to do their magic, and you will short-change yourself if you blast straight through to stage three...

    Five weeks on stage one is probably just about right, especially if you felt it was time to move on.

    Have you read through and done all of the things mentioned in Kokonuhtz's epic post "Read this if you're just starting out on stage one"???  Rayhan really lays out a lot of great information there, and I want to encourage you to enjoy every last golden nugget of knowledge there is to have before you move on . 

    You will really get the most out of the program if you squeeze out every last drop of information and effort at each point along the way of each stage.

    Good to hear from you, looking forward to hearing demos from you!


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    Thanks Bob!

    I've done other singing programs before KTVA and had some success with them but nothing like what I'm experiencing now. But I'm taking it slow yes, trying to become really comfortable with the material before moving on.

    And yes, I've read Kokonuhtz's post already. I've actually been hanging around the forum for several weeks without posting. But that post helped me a lot to understand how I should approach the lessons in a good way.
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    Welcome to the forum Andreas,

    Glad you are enjoying the program; do you play acoustic or electric guitar? are you playing covers or are you working on your own songs?

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    I mostly play acoustic guitar and sing. The last year I've tried to learn to play elecric for real but I just don't seem to be interested enough to learn how to play solos and such. Playing songs and singing comes much more natural to me. I guess it's just more... fun. :P

    I've written some songs before but now it's been awhile since I've focused mainly on becoming a better instrumentalist. But my main goal is still (and has always been) to write my own music.
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    That's cool, I play acoustic guitar and sing covers; You're right, it is fun to do!!
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    Hey Volothampen,

    Welcome to the forum. I did things the other way round i have played electric on and off for years. I can play all the power chords and scales but never leant open chords on the acoustic.I am now relearning the acoustic and it is way more fun to strum away and sing,although i am not that good at either. I am really struggling with barre chords though.

    Hope you enjoy your KTVA journey



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    Thanks pmac and everyone else for the warm welcome. I've been practicing diligently every day since I last posted. I've noticed improvement but also run into some problems. Anyway, I'm enjoying the proccess.
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    Welcome mate, isnt it just great how Ken and his students care about each other !!
    Btw what type of music do u play :) ?
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    Almost exclusively pop- and rock-music. :)
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    Welcome on board! ;D! May you enjoy your stay here! :D

    Remember if you face any difficulties or problems, feel free to post on the forums! We're all here to help each other out ! =D!

    Also, what voice type you have doesn't really matter. All that matters is you stay true to your own voice and color ;). You don't have to sing every song in original key. Sing a song in your own key in your own style and make it yours! That's what a true singer should be. IMO. haha ;D! I play acoustic guitar too! Well... just started learning on my own haha!

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    Thanks Rayhan, I agree. Good luck with learning the guitar! :)
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