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haii my name is anthony!! I just got into Ken's vocal academy yesterday. There's a lot to take in and understand since I'm basically starting from nothing. But I'm on volume 1 on the diaphramaic breathing which is very hard for me to understand, I don't know if it should be? When I breathe in, my lower stomach should come out and when I breathe out my lower stomach should go back in? It's hard for me to do and learn how to do this since I never did it before. But I will keep trying.

I have been trying to be a singer for like 2-3 years now without actually trying to learn how to sing the right way and when I did try to sing, my voice or throat would always hurt or burn so I knew something was wrong and I hated that feeling like I knew I had to do something about that and I wanted to be my own singer/a good singer. I also have been drumming since I was 4-5 years old. I feel like I should be a drummer since I grew up with my Dad drumming in his band but up from 2-3 years ago, I felt like I couldn't get anywhere or make my own songs without being able to be my own singer. I wanted to be my own artist, not really just a drummer in a band. here's a vid of me drumming from a couple years ago; https://www.facebook.com/aromusic97/videos/vb.100001201902950/253809128002482/?type=3&theater

but yahh I really plan on becoming a better singer here and dedicating myself to the course every day.
Hope ya have a awesome Holidays, anthony (:


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    Hi, Anthony!

    I'm always glad to welcome another fellow drummer into the forums! Don't worry about the belly breath seeming odd. It will become your new best friend when you begin to realize that it's really helping you to become a better singer. Nice to have you here.

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