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How long does it probably take me to sing good enough to sing in a band?

Hello community,

I am fairly new to the course. If you want to know how good I can singing right now imagine someone who sings really, really bad and divide his singing skills by two. My question is, if I'd practise about 1 hour every day, how long would it approximately take me to become good enough to sing in a hard rock/metal band or go to The Voice and not get kicked out in the first round?

I'd really like to now. Thanks


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    You have to enjoy the process of singing. The key to a good voice is to take your time in your own pace.
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    highmtnhighmtn Administrator, Moderator, Enrolled, Pro, 3.0 Streaming Posts: 15,359

    If you are really, really bad, it could take a really, really long time to get good enough to sing in a band, unless the band is really, reaaaaaaaaaly bad.

    But maybe you are exaggerating just HOW "bad" you are now. Some people actually are incapable of learning to improve. In most cases those are people who do not follow the instructions, and want everything to happen magically, instantly, and effortlessly. But it takes as long as it takes for you to get to where you want to be.

    Can you sing happy birthday without everyone at the birthday party stopping in mid-song and kicking you out of the room? You have to have at least SOME capability of being able to hear notes and match them in order to get good enough to be in a band. Hard Rock Metal takes some chops. You can't be a slacker there.

    And first round of The Voice, you should be pretty good to not get thrown out. They can't put just anybody on round two.

    But the truth is that if you do the course you WILL get better, you WILL improve, and how much you improve is largely up to you and the effort and focus you give Ken's course.

    What some people call "bad" is their vocal tone. Others call "bad" their inability to sing a melody on pitch. So it's all relative and dependent on what your "bad" is or isn't. Tone is relatively easy to fix. Pitch can be harder.

    How are you doing with the exercises? Can you do the first few exercises? Do the instructions Ken gives seem to make sense? If not, it will after you've been doing the program for a while.

    Most of us started out feeling like we sounded terrible. In some cases, we were right. In other cases, we were just insecure about whether we would be able to do this, and we survived... and now we sound pretty durned good. So maybe you will, too. But how long? You should be way better a year from now. But maybe not ready for a band yet, or maybe so? We all start from different points of reference and get onto the same road on a journey that actually lasts the rest of your singing life. You will keep getting better and better the longer you do this course. Really.

    So just get in there and get started, and put one foot in front of the other...

    Rule Number One: Don't beat yourself up. Give it a good try, and let time and effort come to bat for you.

    All the Best!

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    streeterstreeter Pro Posts: 679
    Id get involved with people asap. Even if all of you 'suck', just work through the 'suck' together. Thats why i hate that 'Whiplash' movie. You don't just sit in a room by yourself and get good. The whole myth that movie is based on is the Charlie Parker story and that is complete rubbish. Parker practiced everyday yes, but then he went out and jammed with people every night for 6+ hours. The communal aspect of music is why people get good. Gospel singers are a prime example of this. Singing is in their culture.
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