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I´m throwing my hat in the ring with My hero by Foo fighters. I´m 2 weeks into Stage 1 and am trying to adapt the open throat, vowel mods and breath support to this song. I didn´t map the modifications up forehand but tried to identify them. I´m grateful for any comments, tips and critique.

One of my hangups is the "fear" to go into head voice to early for example on the fraises "watch him as he goes" and "he's ordinary". I tend to strain the chest to avoid that...

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    Hey, jockster!

    Good for you jumping in so soon with a song demo! Way to go!

    It would do your demo a little more justice if you had a way to get the music tracks a little more "Up" in the mix and a bit more "Hi Fi".  It leaves your voice sounding a little bare bones with a weak music track.

    You're on key, and, for the most part, on-pitch.  Your voice is coming along fine.  I have the sense that you are about to make a number of breakthroughs in the not-too-distant future.  I feel your voice will strengthen as you learn to provide more and more support.  This will help with tone and also intonation.

    Stay with your exercises every day and keep developing that voice.

    Oh, yes, and... More Demos!



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