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Hey, I'm Rob. I'm really glad I'm here, feel free to contact me for any theory, tech or guitar help

Hey people of the forum,

My name is Rob, my guitar alter-ego is ProgRob.

Firstly I must gush a little because I was kind of expecting this whole thing to be poor to mediocre and I am really pleasantly wrong.

I'm a guitar player of 20 years (I'm 28) and I've always been drawn to simple but well designed melodies beautifully executed wih depth of subtlties, pretty much the ones that most vocal. My biggest hero is Joe Satriani and not for his complex playing for his simple melodies that many years later I still find my self discovering new nuances in because each note has recieved such attention and care.

So I have a decent ear ( I think ) and already a pretty well rounded musicallity is what I'm trying to say.

I bought the main course and pro pack two days ago and am going thorugh volume 1 and creating my own notes and practice regieme right now.

I am overwhelmed by the quality and depth of the information in volume one and the way in which Ken has thought to lay it out. I have read and heard so much comflicting, wishy washy and bordering on pseudo-science explainations of the mechanisms of singing and have found them all completely unsatisfactory. To be able to to something I requre comprehensive understanding of what I'm trying to do.

I can see already that this set of tools will steer me to gain this and I am firstly glad I took the plunge, secondly relieved it actually seems to be the real deal and thirdly very grateful that it exists.

I would like to give back a little so while I'm not yet a competant singer, any questions or help needed for any students regarding music theory, guitar playing or digital audio production please feel free to talk to me so I can help and contribute to this comunity.

To Ken specifically- you have nailed it, this is exactly how to inspire people and as you can see from my attitude, your positivitity and passion are contagous and I'm really grateful.

Tomorrow I will post a video and pictures so I can make sure I've got my 'a' correct before I continue.

On the first day I made large initial jump after watching vol 1 so recorded a couple of beatles songs so id believe it the next day

Day 0 Progress:
Beatles = Blackbird
Beatles = I'm so tired

Thanks for your time, I can't wait to see and share my progress I'm so pumped that an impossible dream now seems achievable with work.



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