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Hi guys, really nice to be hear, the first vocal course held by someone who sounds good that I've found :) I've been trying to understand all the lingo and explanations of techniques for several years, but honestly, its all a confusing mess. I would love to hear some helpful critique of my tone and technique; also, with regards to all this mystical stuff about head/chest/mix, it would be interesting to hear where I am in all that. The first bit is me not remembering the lyrics (sorry) and the second is me reading the lyrics straight off (sorry) and a bit pitchy etc, so theyre not serious pieces, just examples of my voice.



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    Hi, @Matto.

    Your voice sounds pretty good. You have kind of a rounded tone, but that's not necessarily bad. We tend to encourage a brighter tone here. It's easier to discern correct pitch, and also tends to resonate better. You have a pleasant vibrato, and your pitch is fine. You do deviate from the original melodies some, but there's no problem with that.

    You seem to be singing most of this with a mix that is neither head dominant nor chest dominant. It's just right there in the middle. A lot of people struggle to get there.

    All the Best!

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    Thanks a lot for that. Yes, I think you're on to something about me needing to brighten my tone. I only seem to get that a little bit when I sing louder or "angrier". About deviating from the tunes, since I was brought up by a be-bop jazz musician, that was about as straight, non ad-lib as I'm psychologically able to accomplish :) (don't really know the tunes and Baker street is a little low for me).

    Very interesting to hear that Im in the middle of mixed voice, thanks. I think I now understand the concepts better. Would it be safe to say that the more I experience a resonation at the root of my nose, the more Im leaning into head voice?
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