disturbed sound of silence cover

allright i decided to try something different . i admitt i could have picked an easier song but hey i love this one . let me know what you think , also consider my former recordings and notice if i made improvement yes or no


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    Hi, @metalhead666!

    You couldn't have picked a much harder song than this Disturbed cover.

    You're having some troubles with the pitch on the lower parts at the beginning of the tune. You're using a dark tone (maybe because that's what the vocalist does on the recording?) but darker tones are much harder to discern flat and sharp intonation as you are singing, and tend to sound flat. I have to remind myself to sing low songs (even Johnny Cash stuff) with a bright tone on my low notes, so I can stay better in tune down there.

    Also, support on your lowest notes is a different animal than support on your high notes. That's mostly because low notes require a greater quantity of air, and that flow has to be ROCK SOLID or else it will wobble. You are using a lot of wide vibrato, and that also introduces the likelihood of some intonation issues on low notes, as the pitch wavers on a lot of people's vibrato.

    In the more dramatic parts of the song, where you get loud, you're kind of yelling, and it sounds to me like you're oversinging that. You can end up hurting your voice that way. You shouldn't be yelling, you should be pushing down on your diaphragm on those notes, with sufficient strength to hold your diaphragm down to the point that the notes don't rise in volume. Instead they will be cut back and compressed down, to make the sound more or less an even level. Vowel modifications will also help to keep those higher notes from breaking up.

    You mentioned comparing this demo to your previous recordings. I listened to your most recent LAH scale from 27 days ago, plus your Sweet Child O Mine demo. Honestly, you were NAILING it on the lah scale. It sounded a lot higher quality than this Sound of Silence demo. You were using good support, cutting back the tone as you went higher... good technique, like your KTVA course is training you for, and like you should be applying to your song-singing.

    I think you probably need to go through the exercise on this Sounds of Silence tune where you drop all of the consonants and sing it only on the AH vowel, until you've got it nailed. Then change the AH to the actual vowels of the song without consonants, and get that nailed. Then, add the minimum of consonants and see what it sounds like. That way you will work your KTVA techniques into the actual song. That isn't happening on this version of this Sounds of Silence demo. I don't know if you've done that on other tunes yet, but it's a game-changer. Especially on killer songs.

    All the Best!

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