REALLY new from Georgia

Hey everyone

My name is Zach and I'm from Atlanta, GA. Just received the Pro bundle as a Christmas gift :)

A little background:
I have long loved music, growing up playing the trumpet and guitar, but was always too scared to take vocal lessons (even though I love singing). Even the thought of getting in front of a professional that knows I don't know what I'm doing, and is there to help, scared the life out of me. I bought singing success in college and saw some great range/volume improvements, but that's where it stopped, and that's where my training stopped. I was kind of let down, and stopped trying to train my voice...and relegated myself to singing in my car, or at home when everyone was gone.

I found Ken on youtube and watched videos of his for hours a few months ago, and the success his students are having was all the inspiration I needed to make this my #1 request on my mom's annual requisite Christmas list. The first reaction was "You want to learn how to sing? Where did this come from?" because I may not be a shy person, but I have always been deathly afraid of singing in front of my family/friends/wife/etc so even at a concert or in church, I have spent years just mouthing the words to avoid the issue all together.

So, my parents were awesome and got me the pro bundle, and now I am embarking on making a life long dream come true...first goal: Stop being afraid of my own voice! Wish me luck, and I look forward to talking with all of you at some point.


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    highmtnhighmtn Administrator, Moderator, Enrolled, Pro, 3.0 Streaming Posts: 15,358
    Hi, @zack.shack.

    This program is full of students who spent considerable time and money on that other program, but were still unable to really sing worth a hoot until they got KTVA. I'm one of them.

    This program works in very real and practical ways, and if you follow Ken's instructions, your voice will grow in ways that it never grew in that other course.

    Dig in, and give Ken's methods your full attention. Don't try to apply things that the other course used. That course keeps talking about how to "trick the voice" into this or that. KTVA will teach you to TRAIN your voice, on vowels, not by launching every note with consonants like Mum mum mum or Nay nay nay. That's like teaching you to walk with crutches.

    You'll see, fairly soon, that this is a different ball game.

    Welcome to your new home.

    All the Best!

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