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Hello Everyone, and thank you KEN for who you are!

i'm born in lebanon, also have armenian and greek roots
music composer, pianist, arranger on a proffesional level.

my innate talent besides playing by ear since 3 years old, i use to sing a lot, but due to lebanese wars, 75-90. all got repressed, was more into music
i'm a also a lif coach, psychologist, so as some may know playing and expressing through fingers use less extrovertisme, and i use to be a shy person.

after i made my studio and started giving music for ads, docu, singers, i felt that all this vocal repression was hurting me, i can make all rifs, lick in my head and even when i give pro singers (oriental, latin, and some french or english) in my head i do better but i know exactly what i lack, and there was no way to enroll in our conservatory so i can learn the basic opera singing and vowels, and at 38 i have no patience :) but after seeking google, you tube,, i got striked by ken personality, voice and passion to teach, it's hard to see 3 elements in one, ken also remind me in a part of his voice with richard marx when he sings soft, but he is way more powerful than richardc, and cannot be categorized.

it's been maybe 5,6 days after dowbloading the programme, i didnt skip a day. and i'm feeling the difference.

if you guys (ken academy need any thig music composition wise, maybe you can count on me too
best of luck for all of you, feel free to discuss with me and share ideas


  • highmtnhighmtn Posts: 14,571Administrator, Moderator, Enrolled, Pro

    Welcome to the forums! Nice to know a little bit about you, and glad to hear that you are feeling the difference already as your voice begins to grow in new ways!

    All the Best!

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