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Tenor's low register.

coljacolja Member Posts: 45
Currently, I'm a high tenor (2nd passaggio at G#4 or A4). I have a very very boyish tone, and when I sing in chest, it sounds almost like head voice. It also sounds very boyish. But when I sing low, I can get down to F2, and it sounds like a baritone. What's up with that? I can post recordings to hear me, but it's just weird cause I never heard of a tenor singing that low (well, I know glenn hughes goes down to D2...). Many people tell me to listen to adam lambert - leggiero tenor. He can barely sing A2s they said. So I can't be a tenor. What do you guys think? Can tenors go down to F2 and sound almost baritonal?


  • highmtnhighmtn Administrator, Moderator, Enrolled, Pro, 3.0 Streaming Posts: 15,346
    Baritones can train to sing very high notes. Being "baritones" they can also sing lower notes than a "tenor" voice may be able to reach, mostly due to physical characteristics.

    You may "be" a "high Baritone" but you can waste a lot of time trying to categorize yourself or others. The voice is capable of a lot and also has certain physical limitations. Classifications are mostly for the benefit of conductors or directors being able to herd vocalists like cattle into roles that are pre-defined and not taking into consideration the individual's capabilities and potential.

    Develop your own voice to its fullest potential and be who you want to be, exceeding the limitations that others may want to impose upon you.


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