Hi Everyone, I'm Rick

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Just getting this out of the way, My screen name is pronounced "squid vicious" lol

Now, a bit about me... obviously i'm here to work on some vocal training, as most of us are. That said, I am also into scuba diving, and photography. My profile picture was taken in Vanuatu on a toilet beside of a shipwreck some 30 metres deep (thats like 100 feet) . I also do macro photography of little critters, insects and such.. I can shoot people as well, but i typically shoot nature.

41 years old, i'm from North carolina, but living in australia now (5 years+) . My voice is rather versatile, but i know it has a lot more to offer. I have always done impressions and stuff. I used to sing, but then this stagefright snuck up and grabbed me, causing me to stop singing for anyone but my car for many years. My car loves it, but I need to get out of this funk that holds me back.

i putting my trust in Kens hands, as well as yours. I hope we can expand together and make stuff happen..

Happy New Year! and New beginnings :smiley:
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