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Hi I'm Pete from Finland.

Just bought 3 part course and I'm looking forward to improve my pitch, tone, lifting up my chest voice in the register and adding few more high notes with KTVA :)

I been doing my solo project Jolly Old Boy for 7 months now. Singing experience I have 9-10 months. I tried to swallow all info from internet and from youtube about singing but now I feel like that I have faced my plateau. All "good" youtube tips and scales are in use but I have seen no more grow for few month or so :)

I got good (sounding) results on my own but I'm conserned that are my methods healthy etc. Progress from my first song to this day is nothing short from amazing, but if I crack and sink tomorrow because of wrongdoing to my year ago level and stay there forever then I have accomplished nothing but harm (excl. few songs:).

I'm going to post few cover songs for everyone to evaluate and for me to have reference points on my vocal training journey.
From http://soundcloud.com/jolly-old-boy you can now find few original songs.
Tomorrow I'm gonna make these vocals only cover or two from some hard rock songs and post link to vocal demonstrations. Later on I'll sing these same songs again to see progress. Sound like a plan, doesn't it? :)

You can suggest a good rock songs like Fortunate Son by CCR for me to sing.

Let's Rock!

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    Hey, Pete!

    You've got an interesting quality to your voice.  You're gonna like what's about to happen to your voice!  Dig in and GROW!!!

    By all means, post some cover demos now, and we'll see how you've improved as time goes on...

    Oh, yes, and WELCOME to the KTVA forum!



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