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Hey everyone,

Here's a video I made, unlisted on youtube.
Can you comment on it, what can I do to record better. I used Studio One 3, what are some inserts or mixing techniques I can do to make it better, am I too close or too far form the mic, the camera shots are awkward and a bit cringey but I don't want to go overboardso what are some low key adjustments I can make so it's less awkward. I can also incorporate drums, bass, and piano (even though I'm terrible at piano but I have a working knowledge to get by).

I want to start busting into youtube with my channel "Soar," so have a free-for-all. I take criticism very well lemme have it. xD Also I have two more songs to record after I finish polishing Sinkin' Deep by Hillsong Young and Free so if you have any requests for your favorite praise and worship songs you would like me to do I'm a high baritone so feel free to make a suggestion! I'm trying to come out with 5 songs at the start then I'm shooting for 2 songs a week.



  • highmtnhighmtn Administrator, Moderator, Enrolled, Pro, 3.0 Streaming Posts: 15,346
    The recording sounds fine. I would leave out the shots of the guitar. People can hear the guitar, and usually prefer to watch the vocalist.

    You are kind of segmenting the lyrics. You might want to string them together more instead of letting them be stacatto and broken up. De-emphasize the consonants and let things flow together more.

    Find a nice shot or angle for the vocals and start putting some more songs together.

  • MwightMwight Pro, 2.0 PRO Posts: 52
    Thanks Bob,

    Actually that's a relief. It is a lot of work stringing all those different videos together on studio one. I did what you said mostly for Sinkin' Deep by Hillsong young and free and I only showed instruments for the instrumental before I started singing to fill space then it was all me. (Video isn't done being edited because I want to add intros and what not but I'll put it on the forums when it is done). I'm about to start recording In the River by Jesus Culture and I'll do the same.

    Either that or I just need to actually look more interesting when I'm singing behind the mic. xD Maybe I should work on that.
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