Hi Bob.....First up Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year my Friend.....Hope All is Well with you and Your Family.
3 Demos here.....Re-recordings of some tunes I did last time......I have done some others, but want you to hear these ones for comparison....In my opinion, these are Much Better....I have been practicing everyday and am now having a lot of fun with this,,,,Im actually enjoying my voice now,,,,Hope you Like these Bob.....Cheers Mate.....Soundcloud now,,,


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    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you, as well, Tom.

    You have been busy, I can tell.

    I have a few items to point out to you to possibly revise a few things on these demos.

    First of all, your voice is continuing to sound more and more like You, and that's cool. You're also getting very good at making your voice "sit in the mix". Nice job.

    Here's what I think you could fix.

    Johnny: At 120-121 something's not right pitch-wise. I'm not that familiar with the song to tell you exactly what it should be, but it's in-between pitches there. Otherwise, very good.

    Heaven: Coming out of the gate, at 0:36, the melody on "slide" isn't quite right. There the melody is C#, C#, C#, C, F, Bb; the C isn't quite there on pitch. The rest of the song is very nice.

    On Condemnation, I'm a bit thrown off by the backing vocals. Something is discordant in there, but I can't make out exactly what it is, but they're up so hot in the mix that it masks a lot of the rest of the song. The first note, the "D" on the lead vocal is a little shaky. After that, it's pretty good.

    I'm impressed that the quality of the sound of your voice keeps getting better each time you come back with new demos. Keep up the good work!

    All the Best!

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    Thanks Bob....The points you mention....they do stick out. I do still have an issue about recording....the problem is using headphones..Not looking for excuses, but it is an issue.....I F...ing Hate it...!!!!....I feel like Im 'guessing' my pitch the whole way...I dont have an expensive set up...just a pre amp a condenser mic and Headphones....you will notice I seem to start off (a song) with issues and then get better or warm into it better as the tune goes on....I am so distracted by whats coming into the phones as well as whats going on with my DAW....levels/gain ect......I just want to point out that I am not taking one cup off my ear or playing the track too load....I am using Karaoke tracks or some backing tracks as a whole.....This is all very frustrating as I know I should not be going out of pitch with these tunes....I wish you could hear me singing without headphones.....Any way I just need to find a way to record with some sort of consistency if I want to succeed in performing with this instrument that I have developed.....Lets keep going.....
    And another thing Bob....You are the Greatest....I really appreciate your time and expertise.....Cheers Mate....Tom
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    I'm not blowing smoke at you when I tell you how proud I am of your voice as it continues to mature. You are really coming along nicely, and have made a lot of progress. Monitoring is really important as to the final outcome regarding pitch when recording, so I hope you can manage to find a way to hear yourself better AS you are recording to tracks.

    As you know, I will always try to help you sort out those pitch issues. We don't want to look the other way when we can zero-in and try to perfect those little spots that are not at the same level as the rest of the track.

    The character in your voice is unique to you, and those characteristics are improving like fine wine.

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    Thanks Bob......On reflection, I thought Id stop Whinning and just get on with it.....This 'Recording ' issue is in my Head......its a Mental issue....!
    I really enjoy Practicing Though...Feels and Sounds Good...haha.
    Will send more....
    Cheers Bob
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