Pete "From Jolly Old Boy" The Beginning and tracking

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So I made these two vocals only covers today after my days workout. These are song that I like a lot and I'm familiar but these are completely new song for me to sing.

These are now just sung with a "swing" and I didn't remember lyrics that well. Knowing lyrics will be a great factor on my later uploads from same song so they'll sound better by default. But thats not the point. These song have high notes that now comes from clear head so my goal is to make all notes brazzy but clear. Lot of problems with EE at this point. :/
edit. At Foo Fighters song 3min-> problems really starts. It's even little funny to listen =)

Both are third takes which I desided to be a max for my future demo max takes also. So the first, second or third take I'll upload no matter how many errors it includes.
Next I do these same song in two weeks or later, after I feel that I'm ready to go for stage 2.


  • Ken TamplinKen Tamplin Administrator, Moderator Posts: 446

    OK, on these two pieces you can still hear a LOT od stricture in the throat.

    You are trying to compress too early (in the name of tone).

    Relax the throat and work a clean sound first to get and keep the throat open first with strong support.

    Once you have achieved thise feeling of "ease" in the throat you can start "leaning" into the sound more for this kind of tone you are looking for.

    Don't go too fast with this. This is important.


  • panteropantero Enrolled Posts: 27
    Thanks for reply Ken.
    I'll keep doing workouts and try to forget all brassy singing for a little while now. My goal is to sing these as I would now sing them from third octave, or better.

    I have just started and I'm doing vol1.
    Should I do dudes or divas workout to relax my throat and to open up my high register? Of course I now can't do divas scales all the way up, but at this point dudes scales stop short.

  • panteropantero Enrolled Posts: 27

    three weeks into Vol 1. Still pressurising my chords at some points, but getting off of my old habit slowly. I don't feel like I'm blowing my chords up, but stricture is preventing me hitting notes clearly.
  • KokonuhtKokonuht Member, Enrolled Posts: 658
    Sounds to me like you're still compressing on your chords since the start of the song. Try using a clean sound. The sound when you're talking. That clean sound, don't add that grit to it yet. Use the clean sound and learn Open-Throat then support. 

    If you work on volume 1, I'd say you'll need to put everything you've learnt before aside and strictly follow what Ken says :o.

    Also, this might help!

    Remember try to have that yawning sensation in the back of your throat! (keeps the throat open). Don't add that grit to your sound. That comes later when you've built the foundation to your voice!
  • panteropantero Enrolled Posts: 27
    3 months to program vol1. Celebrating the move to vol2 with Led Zeppelin Immigrant Song cover. =)

    I can't believe how Ken gets that continuous grit to highest notes in this song. Ken's highs literally ROCKS, my highs are like rock Barry Gibb's :)
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