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So theres a link to me singing a bit off too close by Alex Clare.

It was recorded on an iphone 6 and im holding the phone up in my closet area where i have clothes and a blanket blocking sound off (i use that closet to record vocals for covers and production stuff.)

No fancy acoustics or any digital audio reverb. Just straight bare and stripped on a phone mic.

Ive been trying to use Glottal compression when singing. Its a little hard lol. I find myself a little out of breath going from pre-chorus to the chorus.
Also ive noticed that the "Feels like i am" hook part of the chorus is a little clumpy and could be brighter and more open. It is the Hook.

Also tossed in a random A4 at the end just for the heck of to see how "full" it sounded.

Thoughts? Tips? constructive criticism? what i need to improve on as a whole? Prayers?

On my last session with Ken, I was told to work really hard on my breath. So i hope my support push is doing better now. But as far as cutting the air back. Im still learning.

In my honest opinion I know im at my all time best right now for me and what i can do. And i definitely know i can improve alot more.
I want to look back at this video a couple months from now and cringe in high hopes that ive gotten better.

Thanks Guys!


  • kashifbilgramikashifbilgrami Enrolled Posts: 78
    LOL's at the thumbnail btw
  • highmtnhighmtn Administrator, Moderator, Enrolled, Pro, 3.0 Streaming Posts: 15,353
    This is actually sounding pretty good. I was going to say you could brighten it, but considering you are in a closet full of clothes, that's going to dampen the sound a lot... but maybe a little brighter? Your support sounds good. Even breath. You're coming along well on that. I'm sure you will be improving, but you're doing well now. You are getting a nice consistency to your phrases. It takes time to get confident with cutting back the air, but you are working on it, and it's sounding good. Keep working to improve and you will be fine.

    Keep up the good work.

  • kashifbilgramikashifbilgrami Enrolled Posts: 78
    Thnx man. Yeah a little brighter would be better. And some pitch correction in a part or too. I'll keep beating at it! After watching the videos a couple days later, i just see little part to work harder on. Thanks again!
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