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Hey guys!

My name is Donnie Witt (YouTube- DonnieWitt, there are 0 videos I just made it lol), I've always been interested in singing but the only thing holding me back was proper lessons. I live in a poor enviornment so I can't pay for a coach or a program but I research what I can and practice everyday. I've been practicing for about a month now and I can see some minor differences but nothing major. I'm shy but I feel that I may be able to break out of that after I learn how to sing properly because I will know I sound good and as everyone knows, a good singer has confidence and may be admired by others.

The main problem I'm having is that when I sing and do the humming sound on a vowel, I kind of use my throat and it hurts after a while. Also when I try to get louder the back of my toung touches the top of my mouth. I'm also not sure how to sing softly like some R&B artists do, is it similar to screaming like a girl but not loud? That's what it sounds like, I can't do it though.

Anyhow, my introduction has now turned into a question lol. I am looking forward to learning more and being able to sing the proper way. Since you don't know what I sound like, I may post a video of an artist that my voice sounds most similar to, it's kind of unique though, I can do a deep sound and I can go high like Justin Bieber so I'm not sure how to catagorise myself but it's always good to be different.

Donnie :p

EDIT: I just uploaded this, it's just a phrase of a song so you can hear my voice. This isn't the only vocal range I have, but I cant really get louder without hurtin my throat lol I also can't do rifts well.


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    Hi Donnie,

    Welcome to KTVA.

    I will check this out tomorrow and give you my feedback.



  • Ken TamplinKen Tamplin Administrator, Moderator Posts: 441

    Hi Donnie,

    I believe you already sent me this sample via our submission and I responded to it

    There is very little here to go on.

    Would be great to sing an actual song so folks here can help you a long.

    It doesn't sound like you have been singing much...work at it a bit and re-post :-)

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    I did a voice assesment thing (doesn't require a video) and filled it out and the biggest problem keeping me from doing anything, even practising is  my throat gets sore, no matter how I try to sing it always starts hurting, I've tried to many different ways lol
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    Hi Donnie,


    Have you actually started any of the KTVA singing lessons yet?

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    I've only watched free youtube videos. I don't have money for lessons, even though I really want them. I live in a mobile home so you can imagine me trying to get something I want rather then something I need, all my money is tied up. I watch some of Eric Arcenaeux's videos for training but that's all I can do, I'm not sure if the youtube videos will actually work or if there is some huge secret to singing floating around that you have to pay for.

    My biggest problem is that I don't know how to not use my throat when I sing. I dont use the far back of my toung (such as the part you use when gargling) but I do tend to hurt my larnyx after a few warmups. Idk, I want to sing and I have the time for it, just not the lessons.
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    Hi Donnie,

    Welcome to the forum!

    There is no huge secret to singing floating around that you have to pay for; However, having said that, there are several techniques that when used in co-ordination with each other will vastly improve your singing voice and vocal ability.

    These techniques can vary greatly from coach to coach, so learning from different coaches youtube videos can become counter productive, although for getting some basic warm ups and advice and tips it can be very effective and helpful. 

    If your throat hurts when you are warming up and singing you are definitely doing something wrong; probably singing from your throat without proper support and this is the exact opposite of what you should be doing and it can be damaging to your voice. You would be better singing with an open throat and using correct diaphragmatic support and breath control. This is not something that can really be taught effectively via a forum post. Ken covers all of this in great detail in Volume 1 of his program. 

    You mention that money is tight at the moment, well that is true for me too but I saved up a small amount each week and was really glad I did. While I was saving I watched all of Ken's youtube videos for tips, inspiration and advice. I also learned as much as I could from other youtube coaches too, including, as you mentioned, Eric Arceanaux.



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    Do all you can to scrape up the money for the first lesson.you will not regret it.in my opinion ktva is a must.
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    I forgot how to post a youtube video here, lol... heres a longer vid of me singing, I know it's not good but thats why I'm posting it, for construstive critism. Thanks, Donnie
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    Wow, I just noticed a huge difference since that last video I posted above. I was using only my chest and head voice, I wasnt using my higher chest voice at all in anything I was singing. I sound much better and can riff more easily, plus I immedietly felt less strain. 
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    It would be better if you could sing a whole song.  This is just a short fragment that doesn't include much in the way of different notes and different parts of the song.

    What I do hear for sure, is that you need to learn vocal support.  That's not going to be something a person can type out in a couple of paragraphs on a web forum.  It's a broad topic that includes everything there is to know about breath control for singing.  There may be other specific issues that need to be addressed to get your voice moving along more professionally, but there just isn't enough here in this youtube clip to identify those issues. 

    There are other students here that live in mobile homes and get by with modest means. They have decided that improving their voices is a great enough priority for them that they have worked some sort of vocal program into their budget. No one can fault you for wanting to learn to sing.

    I've watched just about every youtube vocal video out there, and you can come out of that with a very hodge-podge collection of conflicting information.  Partial, incomplete information can be detrimental to your vocal health.

    There is no huge secret to proper vocal training, but there are many details and topics, and there is no substitute for a comprehensive program and spending a serious chunk of time developing your skills and learning and practicing to become a more competent singer.

    The greatest value in all of the free internet demos is that you get to at least try to compare the various methods and decide for yourself which one you believe is worth the investment of time and money.  There are many bad choices when it comes to vocal methods offered on the internet.

    I do hear a singer's voice inside of you wanting to be released.


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    Alright, I just made a new one. I know it's horrible but that's why I'm here :p

    I will post it below this sentance once it's finished uploading. Before you listen to it, I need you to know a few things first which may be the reason of me sounding worse. First of all, my room is small so I usually practise sitting down, therefore I sing sitting down, I'm not sure if thats a huge problem but I'd like to know if it is making a big difference (I sit in a big sofa chair). Also, I've been practising vibrato and riffs only the past month (when I try to go up and down the scale to get a more clear sound, my throat begins to hurt). I know I sound horrible in this video but that's why I'm here, to see what I need to focus more on. This time I sung a whole song (I kept running out of breath, I run out faster when I stand it seems like. I'm about 190lbs so idk if my weight is the reason for it).

    Also, I would love to buy your program, but you already know I'm broke, and I'm the caretaker of my parents right now so I have alot of time. I'm still going to try my best to get enough for your program one day, I would sell my PS3 for it but I'm afraid my PS3 isn't worth 300 dollars lol. I would just learn online, but everyone has different methods and they may conflict with eachother and harm my voice even more then now (I been practising the wrong way and my throat now hurts, has been for a week now, I just got it down where it doesn't hurt anymore but there is still sharp pain in my throat that needs to heal before I start practising again).

    Anyway, let me know what I need to work on, thanks guys. This is something I don't think I will give up, I love singing and I admire everyone who has the gift, I just hope I don't mess up my voice in the process, I'd rather do it the safe long term way then a quick way that will harm me.
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    I just learned that when I go high, my larynx shouldnt go way up or down, that's helped out so much, I'll be practicing that. I should make a list of what I really need to learn and perfect before I try to sing.
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    You are broke and have a PS-3? Dude! Come on, get your a** from your sofa chair and do it NOW! If you're ready for change you need to make it happen. You can make a thousand excuses, or can make IT Happen. Ken has been a big help for me already, in only 3 weeks.

    All the best, brother!
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    Singing should not hurt your throat.  I can't tell from your demo what you are doing that is hurting your throat, but anything that hurts is wrong and potentially harmful to your voice. 

    You should be standing with good posture when you sing. You should rid yourself of all tension in your neck, shoulders, and chest. You cannot sing properly without diaphragmatic breath support.

    You should not continue to sing if you are in pain from the method you are using to sing.

    You may have to make a choice between video games and a serious effort to learn to sing properly.

    One is mostly fun and not much work. The other can be greatly rewarding, but takes a lifelong dedication to years of practice and dedicated work.,, as well as investing your time and resources... You must choose... wisely...


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    I don't play video games hardly, I got my PS3 years ago, I just know I wouldn't be able to sell it for enough to buy singing lessons.
  • GuevaraGuevara Enrolled Posts: 140

    You don't have to spend $300 on the entire course.  

    All you will need at this stage is Volume 1 which is $89.90. for the download version. It gives you the basic foundation of the actual vocal technique that Ken Tamplin himself is using when you hear him singing. 

    When you consider that an actual in person lesson with Ken Tamplin is about $200 an hour, then the price of the Volume 1 DVD and CD is a bargin.

    In the end Donnie it's up to you how you spend your money; although I will say if you are truly serious about your singing then Volume 1 worth the investment. 
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    I made a new video of me singing the same song so you can see the difference, I've been practicing more and more. In this video (mostly at the beginning) I stop a few times because I forgot the words but then remembered them lol, every other time I looked at the lyrics. Also, my biggest problem is breath support, you can see me run out of breath about half way through. I'll try to learn that next, it's really hard. I tried to do a few of my own riffs in here so it's not completely accurate, I just went with it and made a few riff changes.



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