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Pro bundle vs how to sing better than anyone.

SeanYardleySeanYardley Member Posts: 1
Hey guys, I am very excited to get started on the ken tamplin vocal academy, I've known about it for a few year but have never been in a situation where I could afford it until now, my question is if anyone already enrolled in ktva thinks if its worth it to just get the "how to sing better than anyone" course or if they think I should just spend the extra money and get the pro bundle. I obviously know that the pro bundle will have information on it that the standard course will not but I wonder if that information is really necessary for the common person who just loves singing with friends and family and doesn't have any intention of ever trying to make it big as a musician. I love music and singing, but I have worked on the production side of the music industry and it is not the place for me. I just want to be able to sing at my fullest potential and one day maybe teach my kids what I've learned. thanks in advance for any and all info, I really look forward to getting started with ktva!


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    highmtnhighmtn Administrator, Moderator, Enrolled, Pro, 3.0 Streaming Posts: 15,359
    Hi, Sean.

    I always recommend the Pro Bundle to people because you really get a lot more for just a little more money. That said, you may not want to take this as far as the Pro Bundle can take you.

    What you would need to know is this. You need the Pro Bundle if you want the "Building Head Voice" program and the lessons on Mixed Voice that are in the PRO Videos here on the forums. There is also a PRO section of the forums (besides the PRO videos, where those discussions are only accessible to PRO-status students.

    The PRO Videos also include hours and hours of videos with Ken teaching a male student (Adam Spizzo) and also a female student (Gabriela Guncikova) both the Volume One basics and also some advanced workouts that are beyond the scope of Volume 3.

    There are also videos of many ktva students getting private skype lessons from Ken. That has some great info and is like having free lessons from Ken. There are also many pop and rock songs provided that have karaoke tracks to sing along to (plus versions of those same songs with vocals plus versions of the vocals by themselves without music, so you can hear the details of the vocal parts). I really like having the karaoke tracks available, especially with the inclusion of the bare vocal tracks and example vocal tracks.

    If none of this has appeal to you to be willing to spend a little more, then save a few dollars. Purchasing it later, separately, would cost more (if it's still available that way).

    Go for what appeals to you. The Standard Bundle WILL give you student access level to the forums, just not the PRO areas. And the Standard Bundle WILL grow your voice... Just not as far as PRO.

    All the Best!

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