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Hey guys! Hope you guys can listen to my demo and gimme some feedback!


-uploaded by Kokonuhtz


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    Hey freedom. The higher notes sound like you are using a lot of air which makes the tone a little soft. You could try adding a little more nasal resonance to the sound. Sing into the front of your face almost a cackly type of sound, or a whine like Axel Rose. This will give more bite or edge to the tone. watch the bridge building sliders videos from volume 2 as well as the Head Voice webinar Ken did a few months ago.
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    Ya, the first recording of slaves and bulldozers isn't really what I'm worried about, that's just something I do Linda as a joke; but the other four recordings after that are more of what I actually sing, so of you could give me advice on those itd be awesome.
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    I just listened to a couple of the other tunes. The lower range sounds really good. You could try to brighten it a little more and add some support. See what tthat sounds like. The higher notes at the beginning of "a change is gonna come". Is still a little breathy, using too much air. You could try to stretch that chest voice up there and see what happens. Keep the same tone as you do in the verse and don't let the voice go to that breathy tone. I hope that helps. I do like the tone of your voice it reminds me of Jeff Buckley and a little of Myles Kennedy.
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    I agree with Scott's points.  Here's a little feedback from my perspective:

    My favorite of the five posts would be your sound on the third tune which you titled "Pure chest voice".

    Your tone and your voice in general sound the most natural and genuine on this clip.  It's right in your range and is well-grounded. I like the delivery. Great tone, spot-on pitch, and heartfelt.

    The clip titled "Light Head Voice" seemed to be more of a light chest voice until at 1:24 and then again at 1:38. There you are most definitely in Head voice.  You're using a hooty head sound with a lot of air. It's a bit flat there. This kind of head sound can be difficult to maintain intonation, due to the difficulty in supporting something that airy and light (and a little low for head... low head can be difficult to fine-tune and maintain the pitch). It does sound like the air is blowing up the uvula, however it could possibly sound more effective and in tune if you could put a little light vocal cord edge into the sound.  You're coming closer to what I'm describing here in "Change is Gonna Come".  Your highs in that clip have better intonation and very little, if any, hoot/flute sound. 

    Kudos to you, freedom for submitting these demos.  If I recall correctly, you are away at church camp and have no access to a computer, and these are cell phone recordings, relayed (by kokonuhtz) onto the forum here... great teamwork, guys, and what dedication!!!  Recorded in a hot bus, with hornets buzzing around you!

    We can all follow your lead to do everything we can to keep striving to improve, without excuses for "not having time" to do our workouts, studies, and demos!!!

    freedom ROCKS!!!



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    Thanks you guys for your comments and help.

    I agree:

    The "pure chest voice" is also the best place to "work" and branch out from there.

    You are starting to really "open up" to open throat and I can hear you are also starting to maintain good support.

    Work this sound first for a while to really strengthen it. Then do your upper mid voice (as high as you can safely go) in pure head voice every other day of your workouts using a very bright (not flutely or "pillowy" sound as that does not grow falsetto / head voice).

    Once you can get a nice bright timbre, you can start to "fuse" this sound with your chest workout. (make certain you do this without hearing the speed bump / yodle at the break / passaggio).

    Start lightly and then build up strength gradually.

    You will find that you have "fused" the mid voice so well together that you can sing light or heavy through this section and create a mix of how much chest or head you want to add into the sound.

    This happens over time.

    Please don't rush this but be consistent. Success will come.


    (as far as the nasal sound Scott mentioned, this is certainly one approach. I have found that by maintaining open throat first (shooting the sound up into the back of your head...so to speak) and THEN bringing the sound down into the front of your face using Mask, that the sound stay more round, phat and robust and vowel transitions are easier for a "bigger" sound. If you are going after a "Stevie Wonder, Lou Gramm, Axl etc. sound" using the nasal cavity allows you to close down the sound quickly with small, bright vowel modifications and forward facial resonance)



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    Thanks for comments guys. The pure Chest voice is definitely my normal singing style. With that style I can hit powerful head voice notes as well and there isn't a break in my voice, but te sound change just isn't working right now.

    I think i'm still a little confused on the upper mix voice, the high notes on the pure chest song are all chest with the thought of the vowel mod. (the loft sound) I'm gonna keep working that sound for sure though as I do think its the best and the other is just experimental stuff.

    Ken - I watched your video of rolling in the deep by Adele and I made a recording in the same key, maybe I should upload it? I have a real big open sound in that as well.

    And yes it's been Pretty hard getting practicing time with people always around me and living with various families/a church; but I definetly wouldn't change it. I'm serving as a missionary currently Bob, but you were close lol. And ya, big thanks to kokohuntz for helping me upload
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    Ken - when you say work your upper mid, as high as pure head can go. Do you mean work just head or try and work the mix area. I can carry my head fairly high and relatively easily, but it's doesn't fit for singing, but I go as high as you do on your scales in vol 3 which the highest is Ab5.
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