Hello fellow students!

My name is Jesse. I'm a 26 year old married man and father of two precious little boys. I'm 4 year Navy submarine veteran, engineer by day while preparing to serve God in my church as a part-time pastor. Oh yeah, and I love music!

I've been involved in music for most of my life, having started with concert percussion and marching band drum-line in junior high, picking up guitar (favorite instrument) as a young teen and a little piano in High School. As I picked up these instruments relatively easily, I have always been told that I was not a vocalist, which has probably an assumption based on my speaking voice having become quite low since I was about 13, even lower than my father's!

Well, in what little free time I have, I have been learning to sing with the KTVA method for several months now. By God's grace, this program has been helping me develop my technique and address many challenges, resulting in a growing confidence to perform and worship freely in front of others while earning some compliments as well. For example, recently at my church's Christmas service, I gave a solo performance of Hillsong's version of "O Holy Night" with my guitar, and it was well received! I prepared for that song with all the technique that Ken lays in Volume 1 as a technical foundation.

I look forward to growing and sharing with others, and learning through the experiences shared in this forum. May God bless everyone here as they develop and grow as musicians and singers!



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    Hi, Jesse!

    It's great to hear from you, and I know you are going to blow the minds away of those who have doubted your capability to ever sing well. I'm a marching band drummer from way back, and every year I get to sing O Holy Night in my rock/variety band. People are floored to hear someone singing that song well in a bar, and it really lights them up!

    And I'm a guy that everybody used to look embarrassed for me if I tried to sing anything.

    Your voice will continue to grow for as long as you keep working Ken's exercises and seeking to improve. You are starting a lifelong vocal journey that will have many hills and valleys.

    Savor the journey!

    All the Best!

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