Greetings from South Florida!

Hi everyone! I purchased the course exactly 1 month ago and have been working religiously to grow this thing in my throat and my soul! Been doing the workouts daily for an hour a day. I'm gonna record and post some LA exercises so I can get a baseline documented and get some feedback from Bob (and anyone else).

I'm excited about this. I play guitar professionally and am so tired of that look I get when I answer the question for a new band "Do you sing too?" :( I'd love to be able to start out by covering 1 - 2 songs per set on my own. That's my short term goal.

I see great value in these forums so I finally figured I better get started here too. Glad to be here.


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    Howdy, @guitarnate!

    Yes, you'll be able to look them in the eye, with a big grin, and say "YES!, I DO sing" and then you lay a couple of killer vocal songs on them.

    What a lot of musicians don't understand is that in many cases, it's the best singer that gets the job when bands are auditioning. They say they're looking for a Bass player, Guitarist, keyboard player, or drummer, and maybe the ad says "vocals a plus"... but when they go in the next room and have the "secret meeting" it's all about "WHoah! THIS guy can SING!" "We can have 3-part vocals now... Wow, he can sing LEAD! We'll have someone to share the workload!"

    We have SO many cases of students here having that happen to them. "17 bass players auditioned, but they picked me because I was the best singer." It happens all the time. Sometimes the lead singer takes a hike, and the former backup singer becomes the new frontman, and there's a bigger share of the money for fewer members.

    It's really a wise investment for anyone who wants to compete in a music scene. Everybody knows who the good vocalists are, and everybody wants to be in a band with them. Surprise everybody and blow their socks off with your voice. They'll wonder why you've been hiding your voice all this time.

    This program works, if you do your part of the work.

    Hang in there, and start enjoying this new facet of your life. It can become a very satisfying experience. It's a little like climbing a mountain. It takes effort, perseverance, and time. But it's also very rewarding.

    All the Best!

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    Yep. I've seen the same thing so many times too. What has lit the fire under my butt to learn to sing is our bass player who has a good singing voice is leaving and covers quite a few songs to give our lead singer a break. I'm not in any danger of losing my position but it sure would be nice to step up. Finding bass players that can sing has been tough.

    But I also want to sing for my own satisfaction. It's just another way to express myself that I haven't been able to before.

    Ok LA arpeggios clips are coming soon!
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    Good to meet you Nate. Hope you make great progress. I would always get asked "Can to sing too?" by friends and family when I play guitar and the last few months the answer has been slowly changing to yes. Hopefully with this program the answer will just come with my voice lol. Here's hoping going to take a lot of work. Good luck
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    Thanks for the encouragement! I've been doing the program for roughly a month and am noticing my voice getting stronger and intonation getting better and my chest range has extended a bit. I think that's a result of better technique. Before Eb4 was my top, but I'm reaching a F4 sometimes F#4.

    I recorded some LAH excercises this weekend and have debated long and hard on posting them. The reason being, I gigged heavily this weekend, so when I recorded them it was clear that my voice was quite fatigued. While it'll make my "before and after" sound more impressive, they don't really represent where I am now and any critique would be a critique on my worn out voice, which is kind of pointless. So, I'm gonna wait a day or two and rerecord them. I'm recording myself constantly anyway. I think that's important no matter what instrument you're learning.
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    A good thing to begin keeping in mind is to pace yourself at your gigs, so that there will be less "worn out" effect. While we want to give it our "all" there is a way to give and give, yet reserve that portion that is affected by the wear.

    It all comes with time and learning.

    All the Best!

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    Alright. The exercises are up now. Looks like an older post. I hope it's in the right area. It said demo area for newbies.
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    Welcome @guitarnate

    You made the right choice with KTVA! Be patient, stay dedicated and watch all the videos that apply to you.
    Check out the PRO VIDEOS section on the forum! It has a TON of information.


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